Top States in Using Alternative Energy Sources

Many states in America are lessening their dependence on fossil fuels by developing and using alternative energy sources. Here we will discuss the states which have been using the most alternative energy and how that has been beneficial for their state overall.

The North West

Washington State uses water and wind as alternative energy sources. In fact, 75% of the energy produced comes from hydropower. This state uses the most alternative energy of all the states, and it uses the most hydropower of all the states. Over the years wind power has been used to contribute a further 7% of energy requirements.

Also, in the northwestern region of the United States is Oregon. Oregon, like Washington State, uses a lot of hydropower. Wind is being used more to generate electricity, as well. Another state where hydropower is an important source of energy is New York State. The hydropower is the main alternative source of energy used in New York State. They do also use energy generated from the gas in landfills.

Other States

Idaho is a state that is also known for using a great deal of hydropower to supply energy. Another state where the chief alternative energy source is hydropower is the state of Vermont in the northeast region. Biomass and hydropower have both been used in the state of Alabama to generate power. Montana produces more than 34% of its energy from alternative sources. The most important alternative source that has been used is hydropower; they have over 20 hydroelectric dams in the state.

California is also impressive in its use of alternative sources of energy. It in facts uses a combination of alternative sources. This includes hydropower, geothermal energy and wind. They are also using more solar power. This has become increasingly more popular over the years.

Texas has taken advantage of wind for providing energy. This now accounts for a great deal of the energy generated in the state of Texas. Texas also uses solar energy which has become more popular over the years. In fact, wind and some solar energy produced about 18% of all the energy needs for Texas in 2017.

Iowa is the state that uses the most wind for generating energy. The state also uses other alternative energy sources including hydropower, gas from landfills and biomass. Iowa produces slightly more than 25% of its total power from these alternative energy sources. West of Texas in the state of Arizona, alternative energy is used as well. Arizona produces a great deal of its energy from alternative sources including hydropower, wind, solar and biomass.

North Dakota uses energy from alternative sources to produce 17% of their needs. This state is also one of the most important uses of biomass as fuel. It produces a great deal of biodiesel and ethanol. They also do use hydropower as an alternative source as well. South Dakota uses a great deal of wind energy. They have more than 580 wind turbines on wind farms. This state does also use hydroelectric power to provide energy.