The Future of Renewable Energy

The world is gradually moving from the era of fossil fuels to the use of renewable energy. Although The energy requirements are ever rising, it is now crystal clear that the use of fossil fuels is doing more harm than good to the environment. Fossil fuels are highly unsustainable even though they are the driving force behind the industrial revolution. The search for more sustainable fuel is the future, and most governments around the world are already embracing it wholeheartedly.

The quest for clean energy has naturally begun across the globe. The future depends on the energy conversion rate, and with the use of fossil fuels, the world is not going to be a better place.

A Bright Future

A lot of questions have been raised on the use of renewable energy. Doubts about how sustainable it the claims are and what policies will best regulate its use have always been in place. Another question is the funding for massive projects that would ensure renewable energy. The risks, hazards, and uncertainties that surround the use of renewable energy have also been a setback.

Despite these setbacks, the future is bright for renewable energy. One-fifth of the entire electricity in the world is based on the use of renewable energy. The cost of carrying out these projects have also reduced drastically. The use of solar energy has given the quest a substantial boost. The use of solar, wind power and hydropower are currently the vertebra of sustainable energy. People are beginning to see the future in these forms of energy, and its advantages over fossil fuel.


Technological innovations depend mainly on funds, and this has been a significant setback to the quest for sustainable energy. Most companies are not willing to participate in innovative programs that seek to provide a better alternative to fossil fuel because of their firm belief that fossil fuels still have a tremendous grip on most economies of the world. Hence the quest for renewable energy still has a long way to go.

However, growing economies can capitalize on this opportunity to channel their development towards sustainable energy. All it takes to enjoy the continuous supply of clean energy is adequate planning through the development of a ground master-plan that would ensure the proper generation, storage and distribution of renewable energy using smart grids.

Environmental Improvements

It is important to note that sustainable energy is one of the fastest ways to clean up the environment. As most cities in the world seek to achieve positive environmental goals set to reduce the emission of carbon to the atmosphere, the use of sustainable energy as a replacement for fossil fuels will go a long way to help actualize these dreams.

The future of sustainable energy is undoubtedly bright. The world will finally swing to its favor when the options provided by fossil fuels become very lean. As long the progress continues in the right direction, the challenges faced by renewable energy will undoubtedly be surmounted.