How States in the Midwest Are Using Renewable Energy

Several states found in the Midwestern region of the United States are now more than ever, using renewable energy to supplement traditional means of producing energy. As prices fall it becomes easier and more economical for these states to implement the technology needed to use renewable energy. Legislation has also been passed in many cases that mandate that states achieve use of a certain percentage of renewable energy by a certain time period. Some states are truly excelling at this as well.

Clean Methods

Ohio is another Midwestern state that uses hydropower. The hydropower produces about 2.3% of the electricity in Ohio. The state of Ohio is committed to building more wind farms and using more solar power in the coming years. Indiana in 2017 was already producing nearly 5% of electricity from wind turbines. South Dakota also has many wind turbines and wind farms that are used to create much energy. They generated over 30% of the electricity for the state in 2017 from wind power alone. This is a very high percentage and makes them one of the leaders in this area.

They are working hard to ensure a safe and efficient future for their residents and they are most definitely succeeding so far!

Kansas is another Midwestern state that receives a lot of wind. This wind energy, along with solar energy, has been well harnessed by the state and is now used to generate over 30% of all the energy in the state. They have taken advantage of the resources they naturally have on hand to produce the energy needed for their state and it is working very well for them!

Multiple Resources

Missouri also uses many renewable resources. The state uses hydropower, wind, solar and even biomass to generate energy. Missouri produces biofuels and uses landfill gas as a source of energy. There are even schools in Missouri that are now using solar power, so the state seems very committed to adopting more and more renewable sources of energy in the future. Nebraska is a state that is also increasingly using more renewable energy. They use hydroelectric power and wind power. Since the 1980s they have been generating ethanol for biofuel. The state has also been investigating the use of geothermal energy.

Renewable energy is responsible for providing as much as 21% of the energy in Minnesota. They use hydropower and wind in Minnesota. The state also uses solar and biomass and are committed to increasing their usage of renewable energy sources in the future. They are making great advances in this area and are leaders in renewable energy.

Michigan also uses solar, wind and biomass as renewable energy sources. In 2017 almost 10% of all the electricity generated in Wisconsin was from renewable energy. They use a combination of renewable sources, including hydroelectric power, wind, solar power and also biomass. The Midwest states of the United States are all using renewable energy to some extent and some have plans to increase their reliance on these sources in the coming years.