Greenest Cities in the World

With the rapid rate of industrialization and technological advancements, it is safe to safe that the environment is going to be massively affected by emissions that have adverse effects on humanity. However, most countries are naturally shifting towards environmental friendly developments. This is not only great for the environment but it also a move in the right direction for the many families that want to live in safe areas around the world.


Amsterdam is one city known to have more bicycles than people. The city’s compact planning makes it difficult to move around in cars. Significant infrastructures are strictly built to support the use of bicycles instead of cars.


The capital of Finland is another city where there are more bicycles than people. The city is planned to integrate most public places for easy access and proximity. Also, it is cheaper and faster to get to your destination using public transport system than your cars. Due to this they have a lower rate of emissions making it a cleaner and safer city.


Stockholm’s environmental policies changed in the 1960s, and since then, the city has moved towards a carbon-free environment. The ecological policies incorporate more trees and green areas, using natural means to clean up the environment.


Copenhagen is rated one of the most environmental-friendly cities in the world and tops our list. The city is not only planned towards a better environment; they have some of the most advanced environmental policies in the world. It is easier to move around in bicycles than cars as most infrastructural developments are geared towards a carbon-free environment.

New York

New York remains the cleanest city in the United States Despite the dense population; the city has found a way to reduce the level of greenhouse emissions. The city’s population makes use of public transport system to curb the use of cars that emit greenhouse gases. Also, the city is beginning to incorporate green buildings to increase the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere.


London has worked its way from being a city of dark fogs to one of the cleanest cities in the world. After the city’s industrial revolution, the urban planners have redesigned to town to make use of transport services to curb the use of cars that would increase the emission of greenhouse gases.


Although Canada is a fast-rising industrial country, the city of Vancouver is surprising amongst the cleanest cities in the world. The city’s climatic condition is, however, mostly responsible for the low emissions despite being populated. The beautiful vast parks and green areas around the city also show off how clean this city truly is. While the weather is not ideal for some it is quickly growing as one of the top cities in North America.


Singapore used to be one of the most polluted cities in Asia due to massive industrialization. However, the urban city planners were able to overcome this problem by using the Green Plan initiatives of the early 90s to reduce the level of pollution.