Environmentally Friendly Household Items to Use

The environment is a hot topic right now and overall people want to do what they can to help preserve and improve the planet. Having said that, few of us really take the time to research just how this can best be done, especially in our own homes.

We can support a global or even local initiative to perhaps preserve water, reduce waste or conserve energy but what about the very place we spend most of our time – our homes?

What Makes an Eco or Environmentally Friendly Product?

According to one definition given by a re-cycling web site, these products should not harm the environment either during their production, use or when they are disposed of. Therefore, such products would serve to reduce pollution and that’s got to be a good thing. Overall anything that helps to contribute to a greener way of living will preserve the environment a little more so introducing as much as possible into the home is a good way to start.

Easiest and Most Affordable Items

We are all somewhat familiar with the innovation in bio-degradable packaging and waste bags that can seriously contribute to lessening environmental pollution. Try to introduce these certainly for organic and garden waste as well as reusable sandwich wraps. Why not choose to use recycled paper products where possible too, such as paper towels and toilet tissue. Using organic cotton napkins can also eliminate the need for paper ones which if not made from recycled material, deplete resources and contribute to yet more waste. Investing in reusable coffee cups for home use and on the go will also help to eliminate unnecessary waste as will using sustainable drinks bottles and accessories. Literally tons of plastic, largely from water bottles, still finds its way into landfills or, worse still, the oceans where sea creatures are endangered.

Eco Friendly Gadgets

Taking things a little further why not invest in some energy efficient LED light bulbs which can be a simple substitution of your existing ones or a more sophisticated combination of technology that allows you to have colored lighting controllable from your smart phone. Either way, the improvements in energy saving light bulbs is significant so this is something worthwhile and affordable to consider. Something so simple and sustainable is the bamboo iPhone speaker which uses the basic principles of amplification to give your music the volume you desire. Think how much more attractive and ecofriendly it is to have your phone sitting in a piece of beautiful, natural wood which perfectly and naturally performs like a regular speaker. Add in the cost and space savings and this product has extra appeal!

Similarly appealing for its compact, energy saving features is the latest development in thermostats that are programmable and fully functioning whether you’re home or not. Installing a smart thermostat can cut back on the energy used by both the heating and AC units. These smart gadgets can detect when you leave the house so go into ‘away’ mode adapting the temperature threshold for when it turns on and can even monitor your habits and the weather to help develop a schedule that saves you money whilst keeping you comfortable. Without a doubt technology continues to make inroads into energy savings and ecofriendly options are far more accessible to all of us so let’s try to support that trend.