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America’s History in Renewable Energy

 Renewable energy is a concept that has been around for a long time. It is the production of electricity and energy through the use of renewable resources. Electricity is created through the burning of resources. Usually, we use sources like coal and fossil fuels and oil to power our turbines to generate electricity. However, since these resources are running out, organisations all around the world are switching to renewable energy. Countries around the world are also trying to make a difference by switching from non-renewable energy to renewable energy. Not only does it make those countries more renewable, but it also helps to reduce its carbon footprint as well as costing less to maintain and build. America is one of many countries that is taking a step towards a better future. Judging from 40 years ago when the state itself had only a handful of biomass energy sites, the country has improved rapidly. Different sites that support different types of renewable resources are now found all over America. This shows that America is supported through the use of renewable energy, as little as it may be.

America's History in Renewable Energy
America’s History in Renewable Energy

Types Of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes in many forms. They include solar, hydro, geothermal, wind and biomass. Solar panels are found all over the world and can be made for homes as well as more significant buildings. They are used to create energy from light. Wind turbines are also a form of renewable energy. It utilises the strength of the wind to turn turbines and therefore create energy. Hydro uses water to generate electricity and geothermal, and biomass utilises its own features and aspects to produce their own share of energy.

Renewable Energy In America

One of the first forms of renewable energy to ever be found in America is water generated electricity. Dams are found all over America, and they are considered as their primary source of energy and power. Dams utilise the flowing of water to generate electricity. This is achieved by letting water flow downpipes and turn the turbines inside the dam; this creates the power that most of America runs off of. However, these massive structures were only a part of the grand scheme. During the 1970s, there were barely any sources which that America used to power its. America used to be a country that was famous for the burning of its resources for homes and facilities aided with the burning of coal, oil and fossil fuels, biomass structures. For this dams were the only sources of renewable energy.

Now, the whole nation is more renewable than ever. Wind turbines placed all around the country, from the Midwest through the south and west of the high plains. The deserts located to the southwest of the nation are being covered in solar panels, to maximise energy generation. Along with this, hydro-energy and some of the first biomass structures are being used. The whole nation itself, strives with the use of renewable energy, in fact, compared to 40 years ago, the amount of renewable energy being generated has increased by 15%. The history of America’s involvement in renewable is scarce; only a meagre handful of biomass plants were used to create renewable energy. These biomass generators and plants were based mainly in the deep southern territory of America. However, this part of America still remains unchanged to this day, 40 years later.